Friday, February 10, 2023

A GIANT congratulations and pat on the back for Community Support centre of Essex County!

Essex County, On- A GIANT congratulations and pat on the back is order today for the Community Support Centre of Essex County!

It has been recognized with the achievement of Accreditation!

Tracey Bailey, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer says, “This exemplary status of accreditation means that we are a gold standard community support service provider by which others could be measured. It represents the organization’s health & wellness”. The not-for-profit organization is aligned with the Ontario Community Support Association and underwent an external peer review process to assess and improve services based on standards of excellence. Bailey says, “This recognition is a true testament of our staff, volunteers, strong Board Governance and Leadership and their collective ongoing commitment to providing quality service to the community.” Accreditation does not just happen; the process has been under development since 2017. Being accredited is an award of excellence and it tells our stakeholders and the whole community that CSC is a place where you can trust in the services, donate your monies and volunteer as we earned this privilege and recognition.

Brooke Tofflemire- one of the accreditation committee members, said the whole organization is involved, from front-line staff to board members. ‘It is an incredibly vulnerable experience and right now we are basking in this celebration”. Accreditation is a voluntary, quality assurance process that examines and monitors our supports, services and structures against standards developed by an external, unbiased, highly recognized organization. The external agency CSC chose to work with was Focus Accreditation.

Wayne Masse- Human Resource Generalist and one of the three-person implementation team, says that the benefit of accreditation is that it focuses on continuous quality improvement and connects us with other agencies who have been accredited. These connections give us the ability to gain and share best practices worldwide! It proves to other people that we are doing a great job! I am so happy that we have achieved this.

Nicole Strong- Board Chair says, “I know firsthand the investment of time that goes into preparing and maintaining accreditation. I am just so proud of this organization!”

Community Support Centre of Essex County
4-962 Old Tecumseh Rd.,
Belle River, ON N0R 1A0
Media contact: Tracey Bailey – CEO 

For Immediate Release #2023-01

Cheryl Whiteman, FOCUS Executive director comments, “Community Support Centre of Essex County has successfully achieved its first FOCUS Accreditation Award. Congratulations to the entire organization for its dedication to the priniciples and practices of Quality Improvement. FOCUS looks forward to the ongoing partnership with an organization who upholds the values of FOCUS and the communitites it serves.”

About Community Support centre of Essex County
Community Support Centre of Essex County (CSC) is non-profit, accredited and charitable organization with a rich 40 year history. The organization formed to develop and deliver innovative, client-centered health and community support services. The organization serves marginalized population groups including people living with disabilities, seniors and their caregivers. Core support services include Home Support, Food Security, Transportation, Social Support, Health Promotion and Active Living.

Contact: Tracey Bailey, Chief Executive Officer
Community Support Centre of Essex County 519-728-1435 ext. 201 

About FOCUS Accreditation
FOCUS is a non-profit accreditation agency for community service organizations. Created in Ontario, Canada, by the very people who use and work in these services, FOCUS reflects the culture and expectations of community service organizations in Ontario.
FOCUS accredits the whole organization, not just select programs within. The standards reflect best practice in the way services are provided as well as the effectiveness of how the organization operates. An organization that meets FOCUS’ standards can be viewed as an organization that focuses on the people it serves, and on high quality service delivery. FOCUS has accredited over 50 organizations and works with over 50 community-based groups. A full list of accredited organizations is on our website

Contact: Cheryl Whiteman,
Executive Director FOCUS Accreditation
1-866-805-2600 ext. 21